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Joint Stock Company Ural Hydro Mechanical Plant (UHMP) was founded at the end of 2014 in Chelyabinsk city, Kalachevo settlement. The plant occupies 2 Ha where such shops as assembly and metal working shops of total 6000 m2 are located. Assembly line allows simultaneous manufacturing of 6 dredges or manufacturing of 250 tons of finished complicated metal structures.

The main reason of plant foundation was convenient location in the middle of the largest metal producing cluster among such industrial giants as MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works), Chelyabinsk Iron and Steel Works, Chelpipe (Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant), Sverdlovsk Iron and Steel Works, Mechel, Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant. Beside metal working production Ural Federal District is famous for its ore mining plants; this fosters favourable climate for machine-building industry development. This allows receiving main construction source, i.e. section with no delivery disruptions at favourable price and within necessary production deadlines. An important factor is also cost reduction for metal delivery from manufacturing plant to consumer.

Production was started in December 2014 with C-42 Dredge Renewal Project. In 2 months the renewed dredge was shipped to the customer and started its operation. Prompt work and work quality allowed attracting other customers whose projects were realized in 2015. The following dredges were manufactured in 2015: ЛС-27М5, ЛС-27М6, 1400/40, 1600/25, 800/40. Middle of July was marked by entering the world arena, as the plant signed an international contract with Indian customer for 1900/63 sea-based dredge manufacturing. In November 2015 the dredge was delivered to Chennai and started its operation.

The main purpose of UHMP today is to manufacture special vehicles able to compete with foreign producers and outsell them at last. Due to that, the main development area is certainly export of products; foreign customers are stricter (and this facilitates quality improvement) and sounder.


Main resources for achieving this purpose are the following principles:

— constant research and development: we monitor the market and the products supplied by our competitors, analyze their experience, improve and implement good proposals, pay careful attention to customers’ feedback, keep our eye on high-tech and integrate them in our processes, cooperate with the leading design offices.

— production improvement: multi-level production control and implementation of modern technologies allow production increase, cost reduction for maintenance and significant quality improvement.

— HR policy: we create constant development dynamics by constant improvement of our specialists’ competencies.

— flexibility: attention to small details and demands of every separate project allow achieving any production targets and realizing even ambitious targets.

Our principles are realized in the following:

- mechanical working line with modern CNC production centers able to produce metal ware of extreme accuracy and high complexity

- coating line is created to allow achieving the ideal coating able to protect metal from corrosion for years and simultaneously to increase its durability. Such coating can be used for any material: concrete, wood, polymers, metal.

- universal design system is elaborated to perform unique projects; it allows reducing project preparation time and form the most realistic prototype of future product or goods

- intercommunication process is tuned, this is proved by contracts with Russian leading design offices and research companies.

- stable cash flow is organized facilitating realization of spending at the initial stage projects.


At the moment we have no territory restricting factors. If we speak about technical vessel production, we have customers from India, Iran, UAE, France, Canada, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan in our client base.


Russia: Rosneft, Spetsmeliovodkhoz, Agricultural Ministry, Gasprom, Transneft, Rosautodor.

Abroad: fmcdockyard, Ministry of Economic Development of Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, India, Benin, Congo.

Ural Hydro Mechanical Plant is presently a modern and dynamically developing companies. We keep an eye on Russian and foreign market demands; thanks to that we promptly increase our production capacities, improve product quality and enlarge human resources.

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